Administration and Management Services in Dubai

Reddy’s is the leading Management Consultancy in Dubai which has been providing ceaseless and uncompromising Administrative and Management services to our clients over the years.

We always provide budget-friendly, quick and accurate solutions which will help the business to save their time and energy as a result they will achieve their business’s growth and profit. Our specialized advisors will help you in your business and save your time while you spend your time and focus on your business. Reddy’s Management Consultancy provides you business setup services in free zones, mainland, and offshore in UAE.

We are always customer-focused. We give the best bits of advice to the customer to get the best outcomes. For every single client, we allot a devoted team that steers the whole business operations from beginning to end. As such, the customer is not occupied with the hassles of the lengthy and time-consuming procedures. Instead of sparing their valuable time in those complicated, error-prone, tedious procedures, the client can invest their precious time in developing the business and focusing on profit and growth.

Our administrative and management services are extensive. We cover large-scale small, medium, and large business management services in Dubai, such as:

  • All types of company formations
  • All types of branch companies formations
  • Free zone company formation
  • Offshore company formation
  • Mainland company formation
  • Company Liquidation Services
  • Bank Account opening
  • Accounting services
  • Operation of Bank Accounts
  • Management Accounting
  • Auditing

Company formation

There is no exaggeration in saying that the UAE is the best place to start a business and get good profits and benefits. There are so many differences among all these 3 jurisdictions. The one who wants to start a business in Dubai, UAE, must know the differences among these 3 types of companies. After that, they can decide where to start. There are so many differences like Ownership, office space, visa eligibility, local sponsors, etc., The investor who starts a business in the UAE without any clear understanding and knowledge of the several jurisdictions is equal to a student who writes the exam without preparation. Therefore, the entrepreneur should go through these differences and choose the suitable type of business that suits his business. If you can’t make out or decide what to choose, you can contact Reddy’s management consultancy immediately.

Mainly there are 3 types of company formations. They are:
  • Mainland company formation
  • Freezone company formation
  • Offshore company formation