MOHRE Services in Dubai

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) plays a key role in supervising the workforce and synchronizing the employment process for both the public and private sectors in the UAE. Over the years, it has taken several steps to cement the business market in the UAE and create new job opportunities for local talent.

MOHRE follows a set of policies and strategies to offer productive services for the workforce in the UAE. MOHRE provides service to both employers and employees.

MOHRE Services for Employers
Issuance of work permit

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) issues work permits for employees in the UAE. The employer can apply for a new work permit for his employees by submitting the necessary documents.

Documents required
  • Employee photo
  • Employee passport
  • Approval letter
  • Academic documents
Reporting an absconding employee

In case, an employee absconds without informing the employer, an employer can file a case against the employee with the permission of MOHRE.

Documents required
  • Employer’s passport
  • Worker’s residency and visa details
  • Employer’s ID card
Payments of Fines

Employers can also pay the fine of the domestic worker through MOHRE.

Documents required
  • Employer’s passport
  • Employer’s ID card
  • Employee’s Photo

Other MOHRE Services to Employers

  • Modifies or updates work permit
  • Cancels work permits
  • Working sites Inspection
  • Updates data in the system
  • Cancel PRO card, license

Services for Employees

Issuance and renewal of ABSHER card

ABSHER card is a discount card given to UAE nationals who work in the private sector in the UAE.

Requirements to get an ABSHER card:
  • The employee must be an Emirati
  • Have registered labor card
  • Work experience
  • Be registered in General Authority for Pensions and Social Security
  • Minimum 3 months of salary transfer.
Settlement of salary issues

To file a complaint related to salary issues, you should have:

  • Employees list
  • Copy of the complaint
  • Wages payment proof from WPS
Bank Guarantee Liquidation

This service helps workers to get a payment on behalf of the beneficiary
For this service, employees must have:

  • Court ruling of liquidation
  • Settlement document
Follow-up on occupational injuries and accidents

MOHRE also ensures workers get coverage from their employers, in case of any injuries and accidents at the workplace.

To get the coverage, the employee must have:
  • Labor contract
  • Medical reports from the health authority

We hope you got a good knowledge about all MOHRE services to both employers and employees. Reddy’s Management Consultancy provides exceptional MOHRE services in Dubai, UAE.