Reddy’s Consultancy in Dubai
Why Us

Highly Experienced Advisors

We are a team of 60+ professionals who can speak more than 15 different languages.

We have highly qualified and experienced business setup advisors, auditing and accounting advisors in our company as a result our clients will get the expected outcomes for their dream business.

Our Business Setup Advisor can help you make the right decision, design, and plan which is suitable for your dream business. Consequently, you can accomplish in establishing your own business set up.

The consistent and uncompromising work done by our advisors even during the most unfavorable situations and also the constancy of the same professional team over the past years has earned name and fame to the company.

Reliable & Quick Services Reliable & Quick Services

We provide reliable service and all kinds of assistance such as accounting, auditing, trade services, documentation, licensing, registration, establishing the office in the free zone, offshore and mainland along with all types of visa and pro services.

Excellent Customer Services Excellent Customer Services

There is no doubt in saying Reddy’s provides you ultimate service to keep up the trust of their clients and to maintain a good relationship and mutual trust with the client.

Dedication Dedication

We are dedicated to providing exemplary business solutions to our customers. We have fully professional and qualified advisors who can give the perfect business plan to our clients.

Driven the Results Driven the Results

The success mantra of Reddy’s is that we always focus on the results. These results are what our client or customer expects or imagines as their final results. To reach their expectations, we ask our customers what they are looking for. Sometimes, they don’t exactly know. So, it is a process of discovery, through which we get the opportunity to read the customer’s mind and finally, they find out what they really want out of our service.

Streamline Business Progress Streamline Business Progress

We are strict about customer satisfaction. We guide the clients from their business entry to business expansion. We always want our clients to have a smooth-running, well-organized business. Our business experts give the best time-saving and labor-saving business design.

Cost-Effectiveness Services Cost-Effectiveness Services

We offer reasonable and economical business setup services to our clients according to their budget.

We are always client-centric in terms of budget, comfort, and time. We offer all kinds of services to help emerging entrepreneurs start their ventures with less hassle.

We facilitate an extremely easy payment system using credit cards for the entire process of business establishment. Further, the services offered by our company offering business setup services in UAE are much more affordable.

Free Pickup & Delivery Free Pickup & Delivery

We understand the problems of our clients. Sometimes they may not be available to hand the documents to our staff. We don’t want you to worry about the documentation process. So, we are offering free pickup and delivery of the documents at your doorstep.

Delightful Client Satisfaction Delightful Client Satisfaction

Reddy’s consultancy offers you great value. You will be impressed with the dedication we put in everything we do. Our answers to your questions about visas in Dubai are genuine and detailed.

We always expect our customers to revisit our company. For that, we offer our services in such a way that the customer is satisfied and

delighted with our faultless and flawless services.

We give utmost priority to our client’s perspective. We invest our hard work to reach perfection and strive to please the client.