Credit Card and Bank Account Opening Service

Any firm, whether it is one that operates domestically or abroad, needs a credit card and bank account to conduct business. You will undoubtedly require help creating a bank account in Dubai, UAE, if you intend to launch a business in the UAE. Opening a bank account in the UAE for any UAE mainland firm is often not difficult because it is a straightforward process, especially when compared to what offshore companies must go through.

The authority will ask you for legal information about your business, and detailed legal information at that. They will need to see all of the company’s records in order to confirm the identity of the business’s owner and management.

If the business was already founded in the nation of origin, these documents would first need to be legalised there before being legalised in the UAE.

How Can We Assist You in Opening an Account in the UAE?

In addition to helping new businesses get started in the UAE, we also offer the best bank account support in the country by assisting them every step of the way. Prior to submitting the application for account opening, we assist clients in completing the required paperwork. It varies from bank to bank, therefore it is important to find out if any further documents is required.

We first decide what kind of account has to be opened and which bank in the UAE it should be opened at. You can speak with our professionals for a brief consultation about your needs, and we will offer the best solution.

Documentation Needed to Open a Bank Account in the UAE

We provide information on the necessary papers once the type of account to be opened and the type of bank in the UAE have been determined. The following documents must be presented in order to use bank account opening services:

  • Certificate of Registration
  • Share Certificate(s)
  • Company Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Board Resolution empowering a Company Officer to open the account
  • copies of shareholders’ and authorised signatories’ passports

However, the documentation may differ from one bank to another. When it comes to documentation, the corporate size and structure also matter. If there are any corporate shareholders and they are located outside of the United Arab Emirates or in another nation, they must testify to all corporate documents.

How Will Our Bank Assistance for Opening a Bank Account Benefit You?

With the help of our top-notch bank account establishing services, you can avoid a lot of hassle and concentrate on other important business tasks.

making routine contact with the bank to discuss opening an account. This could grow into a huge undertaking, especially if there are other business-related tasks that need to be completed.

arranging an appointment for you with the official Relationship Manager of the bank where you need to create a bank account.

Complete support while you apply for a bank account, both online and in person, and as you prepare for your interview.

coordination with the relationship officer regarding the account opening application before the meeting.

help in creating all the Documents needed to open an account must be submitted. We also take care of any special papers required by the bank.